WEDDING DECORATION We have magnificent eventual decorations for your wedding,
This is your opportunity to allow us to prepare the wedding
Of your dreams..
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Rental Equipment. Discover the great party packages that we have prepared for you at
The best price.
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BALLOONS ART We decorate beautiful balloon
arrangements for you and yours, visit our balloon space.
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Welcome to Juniors Rental


It was the year 2002, Rafael and Silvia Gonzalez both worked 9-5 jobs Monday thru Friday . One day Rafael noticed an add in the local newspaper that said now hiring delivery drivers for jumper company , looking for some extra weekend income he applied and within days was offered the job in which he quickly said yes ! He would end up not liking but loving it ! That is where The idea of a Rental business went into fruition, looking for inspiration they turned to their beloved son Rafael Jr and decided to name the business after him. Juniors Rental was Born! After only one year , starting from their own home garage the family purchased their first Castle Jumper.

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Certified Balloon Artist